Building in Context supports and promotes

Quality & Heritage

Building in Context helps local authorities and others to plan development in already built-up areas in the most efficient way - transforming them into more attractive places in which to live and work whilst actively conserving our cultural heritage and reinforcing identity of place.


Building in Context promotes sustainable development that re-uses and does not sacrifice the assets which future generations will value for the sake of short-term and often illusory gains. It encourages sustainable growth.

Innovation & History

Building in Context communicates to elected members, professionals and community groups a wider understanding of how new interventions (buildings, structures and spaces) can successfully be undertaken in historic areas to create successful mixed-use environments.

Balanced Decisions

Building in Context helps those making decisions that affect sensitive areas to reach effective and balanced outcomes to create sustainable development that brings vitality and growth.

Local Communities

Building in Context helps communities with the process of taking long term decisions about their local built environment in a confident and sustainable way. It is a useful tool for those working on Neighbourhood Planning and other community planning exercises.